///Eau de Mezcal

Eau de Mezcal

Art Director/Designer Heidi Ziegler-Voll

Place of Work Heidi Five Studio | Boston, MA

Photos courtesy of Kelly + Jones

The Mezcal Collection, by Kelly + Jones. Based on Kelly’s inspiration, “Mezcal is the ultimate aphrodisiac, with its centuries-old heritage and enrapturing breadth of aromas and taste. It’s a perfume; an utter love potion of the land. What intrigues me most is the similarity of mezcal to the world of wine. There are over 30 types of agave from which you can make mezcal, and each bottle differs depending on regions, climate, distillation methods and more. In other words, it has terroir – just like wine.”

Each Mezcal variety captures the sun-cycle unique to this land: the piercing noon-day sun, the ravishing and sublime sunsets, and the intoxicating night. The geometric design captures the mountainous landscape of the region while complementing other Kelly + Jones products. Product range: 50ml Eau de Parfum, 6ml Perfume Oil Roll-On, and 3oz candle.


Kelly + Jones