Jimmy Fund FitFest

Art direction, Branding, Print, Web


In collaboration with Reebok, the Jimmy Fund is putting on a one day Fitness Festival every year, beginning May 2016, in order to raise funds for cancer research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Jimmy Fund Fit Fest. Working with the creative director, I created a visual brand language, that could be adapted into icons for each fitness class as well as a strong, clean identity¬†that translated¬†easily into an integrated advertising campaign that brought in over 100K in the event’s first year.

Materials created:


Icons for website/signage

Email/Mobile banner

Responsive web template

Social media images

Digital advertising campaign

Print collateral

Photo shoot art direction

Art Direction and design: Heidi Ziegler-Voll


  • Employee of the Jimmy Fund, Development of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
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